Nintendo’s newest console the Nintendo Switch has just been released and everybody is excited about it. The Wii U was a huge disappointment for all gamers and only damaged the company’s credibility. But with the new console everything should be better this time. Video game developer like Ubisoft already stated that its performance is better than the PS4. Whether this is true of just a lie to increase the excitement will be told in the future. By what we have seen so far, playing with the actual console is a lot of fun and the upcoming games look promising. The Wii U lacked of many good games. So it is only good news that Nintendo has a lot of good titles for their new console coming up. 

As always as a new console its price is really high. Not everybody is able to buy one from the beginning. That’s why some people are looking for a Nintendo Switch Emulator online. And here it is! We can offer you a free Emulator for Nintendo Switch games. We have worked hard to make this possible so early and here it is. Inside the Emulator we have already installed a game for you to play: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Start your download and enjoy playing Nintendo’s newest games.


emulator nintendo switch

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How to play Nintendo Switch games

  1. Download the Emulator
  2. Start the Emulator on your device
  3. Select a game to play
  4. Enjoy the game!


We put a lot of hard work into making our Emulator user-friendly. You will notice that it is really easy to start playing games. After you have finished your download you only need to start the Nintendo Switch Emulator on the device you are using and select the game you want to play. And then the fun can begin! You can play all games for the Nintendo Switch without spending any money.


emulator nintendo switch


You might have a few questions regarding our Emulator, like will you be able to use cheats? And yes of course you can! Cheats are always great fun and give you a different experience and that’s why we simply had to add them to our Emulator. For every game there will be a list full of cheats available which you can easily activate in the menu. Additionally we have added the option to increase the game speed 2x and 4x. This will give you a better experience especially if you are playing slow games. For the future we guarantee to release updates to improve the performance of our Emulator.